·       Weber Concerto No. 1 in f-minor

·       Weber Concerto No.2 in Eb-major

·       Weber Concertino

·       Weber Quintet op.34

·       Mozart Concerto in A major

·       Mozart Clarinet Quintet

·       Crusell Concerto in f.minor

·       Brahms Clarinet Quintet

·       Brahms Sonate no.1 in f-minor

·       Brahms sonate no.2 in Eb major

·       Korngold Clarinet Quintet

·       Hindemith Clarinet Quintet

·       Hindemith Sonate

·       Debussy Première Rhapsody


Excerpt repertoire(after 1975)   


    Roger Arve Vigulf - 18 Cadenzas for solo clarinet(Eb,Bb,Bass)+digital delay.Recorded on CD "The Clarinet Ultimatum" 2013.

       Roger Arve Vigulf  - Birds never stop Singing(2013). Commissioned from with support from Norsk Kulturråd. World premièred in Sandefjord Church(NO) 24.10.2013.

       Roger Arve Vigulf - White Birds Singing Concerto(2005) cl.+strings+harp+pn.)WP Toensberg Cathedral Church sept.2005

       Roger Arve Vigulf -  Clarinet Quintet(2001-2003) WP Den Nasjonale Scene, Bergen april 2004

       Roger Arve Vigulf - Gold Licorice Quintet(2010) WP 21.10.2010 Ålesund - CD recording 2013

       Roger Arve Vigulf - Silver Licorice(2002)cl+tape WP in Noetteroey Concert Hall 2002

       Roger Arve Vigulf - Cadenzas I-X(2010/2011)Bass cl./Bb cl. WP at Blaa aug.2010(No I-VII) Recorded on CD 2012(I-X)

       Roger Arve Vigulf -  Vèrs Èlectriques(2005) cl.+strings WP in Toensberg Cathedral Church 22.1.2012. CD recording 2013

       Roger Arve Vigulf - SEXTET for Bass cl/Bb cl.and strings(2012) WP 24.2.2013 in Gunnar Saeviks Hall, Bergen. 

       Roger Arve Vigulf - Party Music for Piccolo flute/Bass cl.(2006) WP 6.11.2012 in Composer Union Hall, Vilnius. Recorded on CD 5.11.12

       Roger Arve Vigulf-  Quatuor(2003/2004). World premièred in Toensberg Cathedral Church 30.9.13.

    Svein Hundsnes(NO) Clarinet Quintet(2000)WP oct. 2000 in Logen, Bergen with Roger Vigulf-Vilnius State String Quartet(VSQ)

    Ricardo Odriozola(NO): Post-Scriptum for Bb cl. and string quartet(2013). World premièred in Toensberg Cathedral Church 30.9.13.

    Magne Hegdal(NO) Variations without Theme(2001)cl+strings WP 25.11.2001 i Arsenalas Museum, Vilnius with R. Vigulf-VSQ)

    Oddvar Lönner(NO)Litauisk Toneverden i Hvitskinnende sne (2011) Bass cl/A cl.+strings - WP 21.6.2011 in KulturYkirken, Holmestrand(Norway) with Roger Vigulf and Strings from Vestfold/Oestfold.

    Jukka Linkola(FIN) Clarinet Quintet(1995)NO première oct. 2000 in Logen, Bergen with R. Vigulf-Ametri Quartet

    Bjørn Howard Kruse(NO) Ornament(1987) cl.+strings WP by Hans Petter Bonden(1960-2001) at the Banf Center. WP CD recording by Roger Vigulf and strings from The Norwegian Radio Orchestra march 1999.

    Lasse Eerola(FIN) Hevonhierakka(?)cl.+pn. WP Cd recording by Roger Vigulf and Einar Henning Smebye 1.7.2000

    Elliot CarterUSA) Clarinet Quintet

    James McMillan( Skottland )Tuireadh(1991) cl.+strings - WP CD recording by Roger Vigulf and strings from the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, march 1999.Norwegian concert première by Roger Vigulf and Ametri Quartet in Logen, Bergen-march 2000.And CD  premiere on "Profiles" released june 2000.

    Edvard Hagerup Bull(NO) Sonate op.11 cl.+pn.WP CD recording 2.7.2000 by Roger Vigulf and Einar Henning Smebye.

Boulez (FRA)- DOMAINES(1968)

John M. Kennedy(USA)- Smoking Mirrors

Lars Graugaard(DK) - Calling Angels

Edison Denissow(RUSS) Sonate

Franco Donatoni (ITA)- Clair

Roger Wendel(NO)New piece for clarinet/tape(2019)

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