My Compositions

Vigulf: SPACE
A cl, vln,vla,vcl. 12 min.
Not performed yet
Vigulf: Industry Compactline
vln,cl, vcl., pn. 6 min.
WP 3.3.1997 in Hjertnes Hall, Sandefjord -Norway by Vigulf, O.Hannisdal, B.Sakshaug, Dag Ø.Berger.
Vigulf: YAZZIR
saxophone quartet 10 min.
Not performed yet
Vigulf: Silver Licorice
Clarinet(Bb)-Tape 7min.
WP 20.10.2002 - Nøtterøy Concert Hall by Roger Vigulf
Vigulf: Quintette pour Clarinette et Chordes
Bb cl, 2vln, vla,vcl. 17 min.
WP 24.4.2004 in "Den Nasjonale Scene" Bergen by Roger Vigulf-Vilnius State Quartet
Vigulf: Concerto for Clarinet and Tape
Cl(Bb), tape 10 min.
WP 24.3. 2004 in Mazoji salè(Lithuania National Philharmonic Hall) by Roger Vigulf
Vigulf: Quintet No.1
cl(Bb), 2vln,vla,vcl. 9 min
mvt.1:Allegro giocoso, mvt.2:Japanese, mysterioso, mvt.3:Allegro, in jazzy style Not performed yet
Vigulf: Structures I-IV
WP 27.4.1997 in Toensberg Cathedral Church with Roger Vigulf and members of the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Tor Frostad(1950-1991) In Memoriam
Vigulf: Pound for a Brown
cl, vln,synth/pn.
Contents: Sad Song, Happy Song, The Pound. Not performed yet
Vigulf: PRODUKT:For Wind Septet&Vibraphone
fl, cl(Eb), 3 cl(Bb), altsax, tu, vib. 5 min
Not performed yet
Vigulf: Rotations for Five
fl,cl,hn,tbn,hammondorg. 8min
WP 13.6.1998 at with Oddvar Hjelde(fl), Roger Vigulf(cl), Frank Johannessen(bsn), Eirik Duffaert(hn)..
Vigulf: Time Beach Valley
Not performed yet
for Symphonic Band
Grade 6+ Not performed yet
Vigulf: LUDOX for Sinfonietta
9 min
WP 19.3.1999 at
Vigulf: SQUEEZE for piano solo
6 min
WP 19.6.2003 in Vassås Church by Geir Henning Braaten
Vigulf: Savoure le Jour!
cl(Bb), 2vln,vla,vcl.
WP 4.5.2000 in Doamije Hall, Sarajevo by Roger Vigulf and Sarajevo String Quartet. In Memoriam of the Bosnia-Herzegovina War victims..composed in 2000.
Vigulf: Wallop
cl(Bb) and vibraphone
Finale work in 2001 for the Esbjerg Ensemble(DK) composer competition.
Vigulf: Trio Emanuelle
cl, vcl,pn.
WP 6.6.2001 in Soendre Slagen Church, Norway. By Roger Vigulf, Paulin Skoglund Voss(vcl.), Leiv Amundsen(pn.)
Vigulf: Vilnius by Night
WP Dec.2003 in Lithuania State Symphony Hall by the Disobedient Ensemble
Oboe d`amore and clarinet(Bb)
WP 29.6.2003 in Noetteroey Church, Norway by Jan Bertelsen and Roger Vigulf
Vigulf: Discantus
oboe solo
WP 29.6.2003 by Jan Bertelsen in Noetteroey Church, Norway
Vigulf: Zmetterlinge
cl(A/Bb), Percussion
Not performed yet
Vigulf: Fantasie pour Oboe(Flute) - Clarinette
in 3 mvt.`s
WP 2003 in Porsgrunn(Norway) by Jan Bertelsen and Roger Vigulf
Vigulf: Quatuor pour flute, clarinette(Sib), cello, piano
12:30 min
not performed yet
Vigulf: The Bulls Eye Concerto
solocl(Bb/A), string orchestra
not performed yet
Vigulf: Communication par ma fenetre
for Sinfonietta
Not performed yet
Vigulf: White Birds Singing
Concerto for cl(Bb), chamber ensemble
WP 25.9.2005 in Toensberg Cathedral Church. Ensemble: Roger Vigulf(solo cl.), Gisle Krogseth(gtr.), Joachim Knoph(pn.), String orchestra from The Norwegian Ballet/Opera. Conducted by Per Chr. Arnesen.
Vigulf: Vèrs Èlectriques
cl(Bb), 2vln,vla,vcl.
WP 21.1.2012 in Toensberg Cathedral Church by Roger Vigulf, Magnar Heimdal(vln), Tone A. Stokland(vln), Helle Tennøe Andersen(vla), Anna Carlsen(vcl).
Vigulf: Sonate for Clarinet and Piano
cl(Bb)+piano in 3 mvt. approx: 11min
WP 2007 by Roger Vigulf and Geir Henning Braaten in Mariakapellet-Toensberg, Norway.
for Clarinet Choir (6
9 min. Not performed yet
Piccolo - Bass clarinet
WP 7.11.12 in Lithuania Composers Union Hall, Vilnius by Roger Vigulf and Giedrius Geilgotas.
Vigulf: ..a tear is falling from my face..
Du`a Kahlil Ashwad In Memoriam
WP 10.7.2007 in Nida at the 3rd Disobedient International Chambermusic Festival. fl,bcl,vln,vla,vcl.
Vigulf: MYTHOLOGIE for Flute and Strings
for flute solo and string quartet
CD recorded in Mama Studios(LT) on the "Mythologie" CD,dec. 2009. Dedicated Andrius Radziukynas.
solo cl(Bb) and 2vln,vla,vcl.
WP 21.10.2010 in KUBE Art Gallery in Aalesund by Roger Viguf and Aalesund String Quartet.
Vigulf: Arlequin Fanfare
for Symphonic Band
not performed yet
Concerto for cl(Bb) with digital delay and symphonic band
17 min. Not performed yet
Vigulf: Margasparnè Musinukè
WP in Kretinga Church(LT) 17.7.2011 by the teachers ensemble from the TATA Music Academy Masterclass Course.
Vigulf: HYMN
bass cl(+flageolett fl.), 2vln,vla,vcl.
WP 21.1.2012 in Toensberg Cathedral Church with Roger Vigulf and members of Vestfold Composer Society Corp.
for Sinfonietta 21 min. in 3 movements
World premiered at Knudzonlund Hall at Frei-Kristiansund(NO)16.3.2013 by Kristiansund Sinfonietta and conductor Kjell Seim. Instrumentation: fl, ob,,bsn,hn,trp,tbn,pn,perc,2vln,vla,vcl,cb.3 mvt`s.Durata:21 min.
Vigulf: Long Pipe Music
Dedicated Levan Gotsiridze, Georgia
Vigulf: All they carried was their own flesh and blood
bar,gong,fl,, 2 chimes,tbn,vln,vlc,pn.
WP 11.7.12 in Juodkrante Evangelican Church-LT. Commission from the 8th Disobedient International Chambermusic Festival, Lithuania
Vigulf: Throw it Away! for solo clarinet and tape
clarinet and tape
WP 18.10.12 in Notodden Church by Roger Vigulf.
Vigulf: Klezmer Folktune
Bb clarinet and piano
WP in Borgund Church in Aalesund-Norway 29.11.12 by Roger Vigulf and Kjetil Kvangarsnes
Vigulf: Sextet for Bass clarinet and String Quintet
by Roger Vigulf 2012
NEWS 12.12.2012: New composition by Roger Vigulf. Composted with fundings from Komponistenes Vederlagsfond(NO).World première in Bergen(Norway) february 24th 2013 by Roger Vigulf and strings from Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and G
Vigulf: Herdis Maria
for Clarinet-Violoncello(Version I)
World premiered by Roger Vigulf and David Foster-Pilkington in Tjoeme church 17.3.2013.
Vigulf: Herdis Maria(Version II)
Clarinet and String Orchestra(2013)
World première: 9.5.2013 in Klaipeda Philharmonic City Hall(Lithuania) by Roger Vigulf and Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra
Vigulf: Birds never stop Singing
clarinet-string quartet-tape
Commissioned from with support from Norsk Kulturråd. World premièred in Sandefjord Church oct.24th 2013 at MISK Church Festival 2013.Durata: 20 minutes.
Vigulf: Cadenza I-XVIII
Bb-Bass cl.and digital delay
Cadenzas 1-7 WP at Blaafarveverket august 2010, Cadenza 8-18 WP 2013. All Cadenzas recorded on Clarinet Ultimatum MMSCD 1213 released december 2013.Durata: 40 min.
Vigulf: Troll Music
Bb-Bass cl.and digital delay
WP in Prøys Photo museum in Horten-Norway, april 2nd 2014 by Roger Vigulf.
Roger Arve Vigulf: Djingo Clarinet survival
Solo Bb clarinet
Composed 19.10.2015. Durata 18 min.
Roger Arve Vigulf: Røde roser i et piano svever med vinden til et ukjent sted
World premiered in Grimstad by Geir Henning Braaten october 4th 2017.Durata 17 min.Commissioned by Geir Henning Braaten supported by
Roger Arve Vigulf: Diatones II
for Clarinet Sextet
For E-flat cl, 4 Bb cl, 1 Bass cl.Durata; 4 min.
Roger Arve Vigulf: YazziR II
Wind Quintet
YazziR II is a 10 min. piece for wind quintet. A-tonal music with jazz elements.
Roger Arve Vigulf: Glas Mechanic
Commissioned from Ensemble KammerKlang in Norway. Printed at The Norwegian National Library in Oslo.Instrumentation; fl, cl, vln, vcl, perc, pn. World premiere planed october 12th 2019 by Ensemble KammerKlang in Toensberg/Norway.
Roger Arve Vigulf: LOST IN SPACE
Composed autumn 2019. Durata: 17`
Roger Arve Vigulf: Random Symphony
Commissioned from EKK supported by Komponistenes Vederlagsfond 2019.Durata; 20 min. Instrumentation; flutes(+alto, piccolo), clarinets(A,Bb,Eb), violin, violoncello, vibraphone, piano.
Roger Arve Vigulf: Grotesques
Dedicated Ensemble KammerKlang supported by Det Norske Komponistfond 2020. World premiered 16.10.20 in Pressverksalen in Larvik by Ensemble KammerKlang.
Roger Arve Vigulf: 4 Black Snakes
Commissioned by Herrekvartett(Oslo) supported by Fond for Lyd og Bilde.


Trollmusikk for Bb-Bass clarinet and digital delay
World premièred at Prøys Photo museum in Horten, april 2nd 2014 by Roger Vigulf. Durata 42 minutes
World premiered in Nøtterøy Kulturhus, march 23rd 2014 by Roger Vigulf. Durata: 45 minutes

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Vigulf: Mythologie
Vigulf: Savourez le Jour!
Vigulf: A tear is falling from my face
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